Why make wine?

The process is very straight forward.  Simply choose a wine kit from our vast selection, mix the ingredients with help from our knowledgeable, wine loving staff and leave the wine with us until it is finished.  We do all of the work and call you when your wine is ready to be bottled.  The entire process takes from 4 to 8 weeks; depending on the quality of wine kit chosen.  Each wine kit yields 23 Liters (6 US Gallons) of quality wine.  Upon completion, you will be contacted and a bottling date will be set.  The bottling process is very easy, lots of fun and only takes 20 to 30 minutes per batch.

5 Simple Steps

The first step is to sanitize your bottles, which we do in our stat

e of the art, commercial bottle washer.  This machine will wash and sanitize 30 standard size 750 mL bottles in only 5 minutes.

Second, we transfer the wine from the carboy to the bottles using our fully automatic bottle filling machine.

Third, it’s on to the automatic corker where your bottles are sealed using top quality synthetic corks by nomacorc™ (regular agglomerate corks available as well).

Fourth, we apply the fully customizable peel-and-stick labels and decorative shrink caps to give your finished wine bottles a personal and very professional appearance. Personalized wine labels are great for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and especially weddings.  Click HERE to view sample labels.

Fifth & finally, once the wine is bottled, it is removed from our premises, taken home and enjoyed by you, your friends and family.  Please note: Your finished wines will improve with age in the bottle.

To ensure a great winemaking experience every time, DiVine Wines offers only top quality products supplied by Winexpert.  All our wine kits contain 100% pure varietal juices and are all backed by a 100% quality guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied with your finished wine for any reason, we will replace it, no questions asked.  It’s the best warranty in the industry!  So what do you have to loose?  Stop by and talk with us today.  You’ll be glad you did.

Trevor Jordan

 Wine Storage Tips

Here are some wine storage tips to ensure top quality wine:

Store your wine upright for the first 3 to 5 days.
After that, store your wine on its side in order to keep the cork moist.
Store your wine in a cool, dark place.
Your wine should be stored where the temperature is CONSISTENT… Bright light, movement, and temperature fluctuations can negatively affect the quality of your wine.

Do Not:
Do not constantly turn your wine. Red wines will sometimes dust (leave residue on the inside of the bottle). This is normal. Simply decant your wine.
Do not store your wine directly on a cement floor. Put a thick piece of wood under your wine storage boxes.
Do not store your wine on heated floors.


*on-premise winemaking not available in all areas